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Mad For Maths

This month we are focusing on developing maths for fun through play. Can you think of any games that use number and that could help us learn maths in a more enjoyable way? If you have any favourites post a comment and we will choose some for our maths afternoon at the end of May.  My own favourite is snakes and Ladders (for an extra fun challenge play it backwards to practice subtraction!!) 



Book Review 

Mrs Durston invites pupils to blog a book review comment on a book that they have recently read. Please include the title and author in your review. The theme for this month is animal stories, so if you have any favourite books about  animals get commenting!!!! 

Activity Diary

Remember to keep track of your activities over the Easter Holidays so that we can earn our Active Flag in June. Playing outside, skipping, walking  etc all count as physical activities that help to keep us fit and healthy. With the evenings getting longer it’s a super time to get active with your friends and family.  

You can email in photos of your activities over the Easter holidays to  and we will post them on our Active Board in the school hall. 

Book Recommendations for March

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Cheesecakes by Ross Collins is a funnybook about and boy called Hal and his fat dog Rufus who embark on an adventure to find out why Hal has nightmares.

Scrum by Tom Palmer is about a football mad boy called Steven who faces a hard decision.

The Scarecrow and his Servant by Philip Pullman is a magical story about a scarecrow that comes to life and has wonderful adventures with his faithful servant, Jack.